Hi, I'm Shelley. Welcome to Yoga Food Life!


Here we are! I’m so glad you’ve found Yoga Food Life and very excited for us to begin this journey together…

Early 2012, I sat down with my journal on the sunny shores of a tropical Thai island and dreamed of creating an online community where I could share, connect and serve more people with the ideas and practices I feel passionate about. The seeds for Yoga Food Life were planted and I purchased the web domain to begin. Life was sweet at that time; I was living and teaching at an idyllic little yoga retreat center and, in many ways, already living the life of my dreams. Still, I felt called to create more ways to support others in feeling great.

Life flowed, as it does, up and down and here and there, and although I occasionally revisited the Yoga Food Life idea over the passing months and years, the time was never quite right for me to step up and nurture my dreams for this community. That 7-year cycle from inspiration to implementation took me on a rollercoaster ride all around the world. It filled me with love, and loss, and fantastically rich life experience… and so many more lessons to grow from and share. I’ll tell you more as this all unfolds. But for now, here we are!

My goal with Yoga Food Life is supporting you in making choices that help you feel and be your best.

We’ll explore the practices and philosophies of yoga, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, healthy eating, and conscious living to help you find what serves you, nourishes you, and allows you to live life as your best self. I’ll provide a welcoming, supportive and inspirational space for us to work together. I invite you to show up with an open heart and mind, explore what calls you, give some new ideas a try and see what they do for you. You might get to know yourself again. Begin to make simple choices that help you feel great. Learn to live in a way that eliminates much of your suffering. I hope to see you THRIVE!

Let’s walk that way together…

Love, Shelley