Svadhisthana Soup

What’s this LUSCIOUS, SWEET and SPICY spoonful of VIBRANT ORANGE? Why, it’s a soup for the Svadhisthana Chakra, of course…

March brought the beginning of our new Yoga Food Life Membership program, and our topic this month is Connecting with the Chakras.

We’re on Svadhisthana now, the sacral chakra:

Sensuality ~ Sexuality ~ Emotion ~ Feeling ~ Flowing ~ Orange ~ Water

What foods nourish Svadhisthana? Well, we can always “Eat the Color” when thinking of the chakras, so orange is a start, and liquid suits this chakra as well.

A simple butternut squash soup is grounding for our “earth bodies” and pleasurably sweet + spicy. I’ve topped mine with pumpkin seeds for protein + fat. It’s flowing, grounding and nourishing.

In honoring the creativity that flows from the 2nd chakra, I’ll leave you to measure + proportion your own version of a Svadhisthana Soup. Here, for inspiration, is a simple list of what I used:

Butternut Squash










Cooking Oil - Olive, Coconut, or Ghee

Pumpkin Seeds, to garnish

I like to season and sauté all the vegetables in oil before adding water; it gives so much flavor that the soup doesn’t need stock. After simmering a while, I blend the soup until it’s super smooth.

Feel free here - flow with your inspiration! Vary the amount of water to make it a thick puree, or a thin soup, or anywhere in-between. Use more or less of the ingredients you have a taste for. Add some apples + cinnamon to the veggies, or thyme, or garnish your bowl with sliced avocado + micro greens.

Most importantly, take pleasure in your Svadhisthana Soup. Feel its flowing texture and taste its sweetness and spice. Eat with presence and gratitude. Love yourself while you nourish your body, soul, and chakras with this vibrant, homemade food.